Canal Heights 1

Canal Heights II

A Blue Topaz on Business Bay’s shore…

Echoing the successful collaboration between Damac and de Grisogono in creating architectural gems, another artistry is shimmering on Business Bay shore, where the clouds meet with Canal Heights by de Grisogono.

Where luxury reflects its shining serenity inside out, you will get a full stack of options, ranging from ultra- luxurious Studios, 1 & 2 BR Apartments, 3 & 4 Duplex Apartments. Your choices have never been more enriching, as you will decide whether to open your window curtains the first thing in the morning to Burj Khalifa or the canal views.

Endowed with a premium location, in the middle of the vibrant financial district of Business Bay, you will meet up with magnificent amenities, and the first-of-a-kind yoga dome, set up vast terraces, surrounded by revitalizing lush greenery.

It’s your time to shine at Canal Heights at Business Bay by de Grisogono


Gardens and Parks
BBQ area
Retail Centre
Swimming Pool

Project Details

Business Bay
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Property type

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