Morocco at Damac Lagoons

Morocco at Damac Lagoons

A continent of artistry…

Paying homage to the unique Moroccan artistry that still echoes the glorious old days of the country’s and its neighbours rich heritage, and bringing together the coastal ambience with the singular designs of the traditional Moroccan cities, embrace life in white and blue in Morocco at Damac Lagoons in Dubai.

Inspired by the immaculate lifestyle at riad gardens, and connected to the blueness of the sky with the interlacing arches, get to enjoy the one-of-a-kind Moorish life experience in 4, 5, or 6-bedroom townhouses and villas. The interior and exterior designs of these buildings exude magnificence, translating the revitalizing soul of the Moroccan serene excitement towards pristine life.

Endowed with a premium location at the Damac Lagoons community, close to arterial roads in Dubai, the project offers you an exuberant lifestyle that flies you away to the Moroccan shores.Practice your craftsmanship in the art garden, have a tranquil reading at the outdoor library, get a henna session at the henna art lounge, have a taste of the Moroccan gastronomy at the Moroccan cuisine, or engulf yourself in whatever reinvigorating activity of your choice with the plethora of amenities you will find at your doorstep.

Experience the unimaginable in Morocco at Damac Lagoons in Dubai.


Kid’s Play Area
Beach Area
Shopping & Dining
Club House
Restaurants & cafes
Retail Centre
Swimming Pool
Water Parks

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Damac Lagoons
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